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PURE ORGANIC COTTON: Our baby sleep swaddle is made from premium organic cotton, ensuring a soft and gentle touch on your baby's delicate skin. EASY CHANGE ZIPPER: The thoughtfully designed zipper allows for easy diaper changes without disturbing your baby's sleep. HOOK AND LOOP CLOSURES- The hook-and-loop closures keep the swaddle securely in place, providing your baby with safe and comforting support. TOG 0.5 RATING: This sleep swaddle comes with a TOG 0.5 rating, making it ideal for warmer climates or seasons. It provides just the right amount of warmth to keep your baby snug without overheating, promoting a restful night's sleep. Closing the wings can upgrade the TOG to 1.0, ensuring optimal comfort. ADORABLE PUPPIES PRINTS:This charming, gender-neutral design is perfect for both baby girls and boys, making bedtime a fun and cozy experience. SUITABLE FOR BABIES 0-6 MONTHS: Two size options are available.

Woof Woof Baby Sleep Swaddle 100% Organic Cotton

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