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39.5x39.5x1.5" Framed Square Oil Painting with Flower Motif, Gray and Blue


Expertly hand-stretched by talented professionals, this oil painting showcases a square silhouette and a blend of soft blue and gray hues, coming together to create the image of a delicate, abstract flower. Complementing a wide variety of interior styles and motifs, this piece will slot into your existing decor as a focal point or supporting accent, capturing your guests’ gaze all the same.

The Features

The neutral colorway allows this painting to complement a wide variety of interior styles and motifs, ensuring that you can simply introduce it to your space hassle-free.
Crafted from premium quality, durable materials, this painting makes for a great gift choice for an upcoming birthday, housewarming party, or event.
Canvas is stretched on a solid timber stretcher bar and framed.

Product Details

40% Polyester Canvas,25% Firwood,20% Plastic Frame,15% Pigment



Magnolia Oil Painting

SKU: 805845823568
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