4 full charges for your phone. 1 smart cookie. 
  • The countdown. 20%, your phone’s power counter turns red & you know your time is limited. Then 10%. Now 5%. Time to get serious. You finish the funniest video you’ve ever seen in your life in haste, pen that email faster than professionally advised while praying for only non-job-ending typos, quit a few apps & make a run for the nearest outlet. We hope you have your wall charger.
  • Sound familiar? It seems there’s just never enough power for your phone or tablet. So we’re paying it forward big time. Because this little cookie holds enough juice to power up your phone more than 4 full times*. Zero to 100 percent, 4 times over.
  • Charge it up, throw it in your purse or bag & forget about it. This energy powerhouse holds a charge for months at a time. When you need it, just attach it to your phone or tablet with the cord that came with your device. Don’t forget to breathe.
  • It’s shaped like a cookie, which is cool. Pretty sure we don’t need to say more there.
  • Tech specs: RoHS  & CE-certified Grade A Polymer battery, Capacity 8000mAh, Input 5V/1A, Output 5V/1.5A.
  • Materials: ABS Plastic + Polycarbonate + Electronic Components.
* Based on the battery inside the iPhone 6. Other devices will vary.

Cookie Monster 4X Mobile Energy Bar